(Free) Basic Concepts - the Language of SAS

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Welcome to our digital learning platform.

To get an insight into our digital learning platform take a look at our 'Basic Concepts - the Language of SAS' module. You can explore the features, test the functionality and experience the ease of navigation designed to make your digital learning journey both enjoyable and effective.  


This module is aimed at those who are new to the Language of SAS.

You should already have:
  • Knowledge of your computer system
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Some previous programming experience, although this is not essential

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you will be able to explain how the Language of SAS is used to access, manage, analyse and present data.

Learning Overview

In this module you will learn about the basic concepts which underpin SAS programs, including:

  • What are datasets, databases & relational databases
  • Referencing datasets in a library using the LIBNAME statement
  • The Data Step – the basic building block of SAS programs
  • Introducing basic Procedures – pre-built programs to analyse and report data such as PROC MEANS and PROC PRINT

There are mini quizzes throughout to help reinforce your learning.

Basic Concepts - the Language of SAS (Demo)